Where to Find Hedgehogs for Sale

Buying a hedgehog

Finding hedgehogs for sale is the first step in bringing your new pet home! But you don’t usually see ads for hedgehogs in the newspaper, and they rarely show up at your local pet store. So, where do you find them, and how do you make sure you’re getting healthy pets?

The first place you should look for hedgehogs for sale is a professional breeder. Hedgehog breeders know hedgehogs, and they know what makes a good pet. Any state in which hedgehogs are legal probably has at least one breeder. Some of these are hobby breeders, who produce one to two litters of hoglets a year from their own pets. Others are more large-scale operations who have multiple breeding pairs and produce many litters throughout the year to supply to pet stores and private buyers.

Looking for a breeder who is certified by the USDA is best, since these breeders have proven to the government that they have what it takes to produce quality hedgehog stock. However, even some smaller, non-certified breeders can be excellent sources of high quality hedgehogs for sale if they’re passionate about their pets and truly love this magnificent type of animal. If you’re ready to take the plunge and bring a hedgehog home, check out the page at the top of this website labeled “Breeders”. European countries do not require their breeders to be licensed.