The Ringworm Story – The Aftermath

The Aftermath

This story began in November 2008 it is now March 2009. As yet neither parties have received a penny from Heavenlyhogs despite her many promises. She has publically stated that only one of her hogs has been examined by her vet for signs of ringworm infection and it was clear. She continues to sell exotic pets.

Chaz gave up asking for a refund as she found the stress of dealing with Heavenlyhogs was affecting her already fragile health. The last email she received from Heavenlyhogs asked her to send her vet’s bill again as she had lost the earlier one. [Author’s note: In reality Chaz had never sent an invoice to Michelle]. Pickle no longer shows any signs of infection although the vet has advised Chaz to continue with the medication for another week or so.

Today Ian and Julie’s bill stands at nearly £350 and Leo is still not completely free of his infection which is proving particularly difficult to eradicate. The vet has changed his medication twice. Julie and Kendal’s infections have cleared up. They are very worried about the affects that Leo’s ordeal are having on him as after 5 months of treatment it is highly likely that he associates Ian and Julie with the trauma of being force fed his medication.

A photograph of a severe ringworm infection
A photograph of a severe ringworm infection

Among the many posts Heavenlyhogs has made on the Reptile UK forums my own research found one where she describes the onset of “something similar to eczema” in one of her hands. She describes having “small itchy then sore blisters” on her fingers. I found the above picture on the internet. Its caption describes the photo as a severe case of ringworm. I’m obviously no dermatologist and while I am not claiming this is what Heavenlyhogs hand looked like, I do believe it looks somewhat similar to the symptoms she herself describes.

Chapter VIII – Author’s Comments