Building a Locust Incubator

The locust eaters This article was written by Ian Miles who is the owner of Leo, one of the pet hedgehogs involved in my ringworm article. It describes how he built his own locust incubator and provides some good tips for anyone thinking about constructing one for themselves. For our American readers, Ian is lives … Read more

How to Hand-Feed Baby Hedgehogs

Hand feeding baby hedgehogs If you’re raising baby hedgehogs (also referred to as hoglets), rescuing orphaned hoglets, or bringing a young hoglet home as a pet, you may find that you need to hand feed them at some point. This could be because the babies are being neglected by their mother, the mother is sick, … Read more

Hedgehog Food – Some Delectable Treats for Your Pet

Treat your pet Photo by Narisa via Flickr If you’re wondering what kind of hedgehog food makes great snacks your hedgie, you’ll be happy to know you’ve got a lot to choose from! Hedgehogs are omnivores, so they can successfully eat both meat and plants. Just like with any animal, some foods are better for your hedgehog … Read more

How to Bathe Your Pet Hedgehog

Bathing your hedgie One of the basics of pet hedgehog care is how to bathe one. Most pets eventually need to be cleaned. Even if they’re good self-groomers, the realities of their day to day existence will sooner or later result in dirt and grime beyond their ability to remove themselves. If you’ve got a … Read more

Advanced Care for Your Pet Hedgehog

Hedgehogs (often affectionately referred to as hedgies) are very interesting, fascinating pets to own. They are adorable, fun to watch, and can give you a lot of enjoyment. Before bringing one home, however, you need to know how to care for it, so your pet will always be happy and healthy and at its best! … Read more

The Best Bedding for Pet Hedgehogs

Bedding for pet hedgehogs is one of the first things you need to consider before bringing home your new friend. We all want something soft and comfortable to sleep on, don’t we? Well, your hedgehog is no different. Get the best bedding, and your spikey companion will happy one! When you are choosing bedding for … Read more