Slugs, Snails and Hedgehogs in your Garden

Slugs, snails and hedgehogs Although this is not a hedgehog pet post, It’s something I’ve been meaning to write for quite some time. It also serves as a warning to hedgehog pet owners who allow their spiky friends to run around in their gardens. It’s quite amazing how many people, and gardeners in particular, believe … Read more

Where to Find Hedgehogs for Sale

Buying a hedgehog Finding hedgehogs for sale is the first step in bringing your new pet home! But you don’t usually see ads for hedgehogs in the newspaper, and they rarely show up at your local pet store. So, where do you find them, and how do you make sure you’re getting healthy pets? The … Read more

Eight Top Facts About Pet Hedgehogs

Things you need to know about your pet hedgehog Here are the 8 top facts about pet hedgehogs you probably didn’t know. If you’ve got a pet hedgehog, knowing these facts will help the two of you get along swimmingly! 1. Hedgehogs have very poor eyesight, but enjoy razor sharp hearing and a powerful sense … Read more

Is a Pet Hedgehog Right for You?

How do you know if a pet hedgehog is right for you? Hedgehogs are one of the most popular exotic pets today, and it’s easy to see why. They’re undeniably cute, they’re small (so they don’t take up much space), and they’re easy to take care of. The appeal of the hedgehog is undeniable. You … Read more