Hedgehogs as Pets

Hedgehogs as Pets Most hedgehog owners will say that they bought their hedgies simply because they were adorable and also far too intriguing to resist. Despite the fact that they are increasingly more obtainable in pet shops, they are nonetheless still an uncommon pet. Also, they are highly unusual, having a fur covered face and … Read more

Colour variations in African Pygmy Hedgehogs

African Pygmy Hedgehog

Photo by Adam Foster Colour Variations As a result of selective breeding, there has been a great increase in the variety of quill colors that are now available. The starting stock for domestic hedgehogs consisted of two predominant patterns. The hedgehogs typically referred to as Pruner’s hedgehogs had white and black quills, a dark face mask … Read more

Handling Your Pet Hedgehog

One of the distinguishing characteristics of a hedgehog is his quills. It is actually interesting to watch a hedgehog roll into a tight ball, and to see his quills stick up in every direction, all for the sake of protection.

Avoiding Dodgy Pet Hedgehog Breeders

“Wanna buy a watch?” As many of this blog’s regular readers will already know, we have recently devoted a lot of time  and space to a tale of what happens when things go very wrong when buying a pet hedgehog from a breeder. The story involves un-kept pre-sale promises, ringworm and unpaid vet fee refunds. … Read more

Children and your Pet Hedgehog

Kids and hedgehogs Photo by michelleness via Flickr Bringing a pet hedgehog into a home where young kids are present is something that should be cause for concern for any responsible owner. However, hedgehogs do make great pets and children take delight in them. It will all depend on the children in question and how their parents … Read more

Hedgehog Body Language

You will be able to tell how your pet hedgehog is feeling from its body language and the sounds it makes. Here are some of its typical responses and what they signify. Rolling up Rolling  into a ball is a defence mechanism and it means it is frightened or doesn’t like what’s going on around … Read more