European Hedgehog Breeders


Of Fairy Meadows

Karin Alexakis

76131 Karlsruhe/Baden Germany
[email protected]

We have a friendly, well socialized, healthy (no WHS) herd of hedgehogs. Our main concern is to keep happy and both physically and mentally healthy hedgehogs that live according to the specific needs of their species (space, natural environment, insect feeding). We care about finding good homes for our future hoglets and like to keep in touch. We breed various colors and patterns.

Great Britain


Angela McCallum

Eastkibride, Glasgow, Scotland


[email protected]

All hoglets are bred for health, temperament and are well handled. They will come with registration certificate, weeks supply of food, care sheet and lifelong advice. Cost is £150 and will only be sold to people who can give them a good home.

Hogin the Limelight

Kelly Hart

West Yorkshire, England
E-mail: [email protected]

A Yorkshire based breeder of Long Eared Egyptian Hedgehogs and the Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec.

Lyndon Hedgehogs

Flint, Flintshire, Uk
[email protected]

We pride ourselves on having a healthy Happy herd that the whole family is a part of. All hoglets are handled from an early age and are extremely tame before going to new homes. We find introducing them to different stimuli from an early age helps a lot.

We are based in North Wales and consider our hogs our extended family. We have a range of colours in the herd but breed for temperament. A few colour surprises along the way is very nice though.

Our hogs/hoglets are registered with the IHR and go to new homes with lineage certificate, 2 weeks supply of food and any/all after care that is/may be needed.

We also love to hear how our babies are growing. From the time a deposit is paid on a hoglet we send regular pictures of your hog so you can still feel involved right up to the point that you collect them. We find this helps with bonding and makes it that bit more personalized.

We are members of the Hedgehog breeders association and on the recommended breeders list on Hedgehog central.

Sorry we do not ship.

Prickly Little Fockers Exotic Hedgehogs

Colin Bradbury

E-mail [email protected]

Ethical breeder of African pygmy hedgehogs , Egyptian Long Eared hedgehogs and Lesser Tenrecs ,  with personal delivery throughout the u.k. (DEFRA Type 2 licence holder) . Only animals in perfect condition and of great temperament will be offered for sale.

We also run a exotic hedgehog rescue service and hedgehog home from home boarding. contact to discuss your requirements

All our hogs will be fully registered where required , come with a supply of food , health guarantee and lifetime support.

Thistle Hedgehogs

Barbara Anderson

GLASGOW, East Renfrewshire, Scotland
0141 620 3374

[email protected]

I am a small hobby breeder of African pygmy hedgehogs. All hoglets will be well socialised, registered with the U.K APH Registry, come with a weeks supply of food and as much after care as required

The UK African Pygmy Hedgehog Registry

Recommended List of Breeders

Below is a list of breeders that are recommended by the UK African Pygmy Hedgehog Registry.

The UKAPH have a code of ethics that all recommended breeders must adhere to and criteria that must be satisfied before they can be added to the list.

We at Hedgehogsaspets are not saying that you should only use this list when choosing your UK breeder, but we do believe this initiative provides an excellent quality standard.

Whether you as a prospective buyer use one of the breeders recommended by UKAPH or not, their code of ethics and criteria provide a great guide as to the questions you should be asking any breeder before you buy from them.

As UKAPH rightly say, these are only their recommendations and it should be remembered that the decision about who you buy from is yours alone.

The UKAPH’s code of ethics and criteria can be found here:


Richard Brown – location – York

Email address: [email protected]
Member profile:– Admin
Commitee member.

North Yorkshire based breeder, I breed for health and temperament as a priority but do have a few different colours in my herd from grey to apricot, albino, snowflakes and pintos.

Hoglets come with 2 weeks supply of food, toy, pedigree, care pack, aveeno oil and endless aftercare, UKAPH registered

HedgeBottom Hedgehogs

Faith Morgan – location – Nottinghamshire

Email address:- [email protected]
Member profile:- Hedgebottom
Commitee member

I am an experienced APH breeder and have been breeding for about 6 years now. I have a variety of colours in my herd. All hogs come with registration cerificate, care pack, food and fleece pouch.

Delivery may be possible.

Happy Hogs

Bonnie Martin – location – Gloucestershire

Email address:- [email protected]
Member profile:- Happyhogs
Commitee member.

Prickly Furbutz

Terry Downing – location – London

Email address:- [email protected]
Member profile:- furbutz
Commitee member.

Hedgehog Hollow

Nikki Robbie – location – Glasgow

Email address:- [email protected]
Member profile:- hedgehog hollow

All my hogs are first and foremost my beloved pets as well as my breeding herd. I breed for happy healthy,friendly hogs and hope to introduce a mix of colours on the way.

I have a no shipping policy.

All enquiries are welcome.

Animal Keeper

Adam Doona – location – Worksop/Sheffield

Email address:- [email protected]

Prickly Hedge Hedgehogs

Michelle Todd – location – Teeside

Email address:- [email protected]
Member profile:- truffles

Peacock Prickles

Hannah Peacock – location – Cornwall

Email address:- [email protected]
Member profile:- Han


Mel Stevens – location – Cleveland

Email address:- [email protected]
Member profile:- wobblyworm


Wildwood Hedgehogs

Chelsea Collins

Wildwood, Boycestown, Carrigaline, Ireland
[email protected]


Mis Erizos

Jerez de la Fra., Cádiz, Spain
[email protected]

We are breeders of African hedgehogs, with several years experience in the breeding of hedgehogs in Spain.

Our hedgehogs have a very good temperament and are accustomed to human contact. We have a very good line of upbringing and colors. We have Algerian colors such as albino, salt and pepper, cinnicot, apricot, chocolate, light brown, pinto, tobiano, charcoal.

We can reserve your baby of hedgehog, visit our web site for more information.

Envio a cualquier parte de España