Dodgy Breeders

In the vast majority of cases when you buy a pet hedgehog from a breeder the transaction goes perfectly. Unfortunately there are cases where problems arise.

For example shortly after arrival your hedgehog may become sick with an illness or disease that can be traced back to the breeder, it may arrive without registration documentation or other items you were promised. Reputable ethical breeders will promptly resolve these issues. A very small number or breeders don’t, can’t or won’t. They procrastinate and make all kinds of excuses. They promise to refund veterinary bills and then rescind. The registration documentation never arrives etc.

We at hedgehogsasets call this type of behaviour dodgy (please see below for a definition of dodgy).

This list contains the names of dodgy breeders/dealers etc. and is provided so that prospective buyers can make informed decisions about who they are dealing with. I maintain the list and am fully responsible for what appears here.

If you feel you have been badly treated  by a breeder please email me at [email protected] with the details. Please note your word alone will not be enough to get someone put on this list as some form of documentation will be required.

If you feel you have been added to this list unfairly or in error please let me know at the same email address above.

Definition of dodgy

(from the Cambridge Online Dictionary)

adjective UK INFORMAL

  1. dishonest:
    dodgy deal

    They got involved with a dodgy businessman and lost all their savings
  2. unable to be depended on or risky:
    The weather might be a bit dodgy at this time of year.
    I can’t come in to work today – I’ve got a bit of a dodgy stomach.
    It was a dodgy situation.
  3. likely to break or cause pain:
    Careful – that chair’s a bit dodgy.
    Ever since the war I’ve had this dodgy leg.

Dodgy UK Dealers

Heavenly Hogs – Pre-historic Pets

Owned by Michelle Fountain

Before you make any decision about buying from this dealer we strongly suggest you read the following forum posts at Hedgehog Central, Reptile Forums UK and Pygmy Hogs UK. Please read these links and then make up your own mind.

The following link will take you to an article  that collates what has been written on the forums in one place. It is still strongly suggested that you read through the forum posts before you make up your mind

The story really begins with this first post

The Ringworm Posts

An article on South End on Sea Echo site about how Heavenly Hogs imported pet hedgehogs into the UK without having to put them into quarantine: