US Hedgehog Breeders


Hedgie Hut

Jenny Tse

2006 Central Ave Fairbanks, AK [email protected]

One of Alaska’s only hedgehog breeders. I may make special arrangements for delivery of hedgehogs depending on situation, so please feel free to ask. Come visit Hedgie Hut at for more information. Check out my online store for hedgehog bags and other accessories. We ship our products to the US and internationally.


Penny’s Prickly Pigs

Rachel Penny

Durham, NC


Email: [email protected]

Penny’s Prickly Pigs is a small-scale hedgehog breeding program based in Chapel Hill, NC (Raleigh-Durham area). We maintain a small family to make sure each hedgie gets the personal attention and love he or she deserves. For this reason we do not breed for quantity, but rather quality in health and personality.

We expect mostly Algerian colors. All Prickly Pig hedgehogs are registered with the International Hedgehog Registry. We are also proud members of Hedgehog Breeders Alliance and Hedgehog Welfare Society.

We do not ship. Pick up is available  in Durham, NC.

Rachel Penny
Penny’s Prickly Pigs
[email protected]


Tresa Black

Leesville, SC

[email protected]

We are a small husband/wife team who pride ourselves on raising quality hedgies. Quality NOT quantity is important to us.

Please contact us or visit our website to inquire about availability or about being added to our waiting or reserve lists.


Emerald Isle Hedgehogs

Erin Osborne

719-598-1815 Denotes USDA Licensed Breeders USDA License 84-A-0166

Colorado Springs, CO e-mail: [email protected] website:

Emerald Isle Hedgehogs is a very small, family run, breeding organization. We strive in producing very friendly and healthy babies. We register all our babies with the International Hedgehog Registry and give pre and post sale support. We work in association with Heaven Sent Hedgehogs. All our babies are handled at an early age and go home with a birth certificate and supply of food. We provide 24 hour support, 7 days a week. WE DO NOT SHIP!

Heart to Heart Hedgehogs

Debra Kay

Brighton, CO 720-685-0312

[email protected]

We are a small family breeder. We breed for temperament and health. All of our babies are held at young ages by several different people. Check out our website for accessories. Ship to legal states.



Mercedes Preheim

[email protected]

We are a hedgehog breeder located in Yankton, South Dakota area. We breed for health, temporment, and quality hedgehogs. Our hedgies are family raised and are socialized with everyday. We have all sorts of colors that differ from litter to litter. Our hedgehogs are always friendly and well kept. You can visit our website at or email us at [email protected].


Northern Plains Hedgehogs

Contact Person: Tanya

Rosholt, SD 57260   (605)880-2267

Email us at [email protected] – Website at

USDA License: 48-A-0398

Northern Plains Hedgehogs is a small scale breeder located in South Dakota.  We breed for quality, temperament, health, and color.  We have a variety of colors available.  Our hedgies are handled on a daily basis and are very people orientated.

We serve the states of SD, ND, MN, IA, and parts of Neb.


Home Bred Pets

Fort Lauderdale, FL

[email protected]


USDA Lic# 58-B-0559

We are a USDA licensed breeder of African pygmy hedgehogs located in South Florida. Our mission is to provide hand-raised, sweet, happy, healthy, well-socialized babies of all colors. We do not ship.

Hood Petz

Starke, FL Phone: 904-233-3110 / FWC#: ESC-403 Lic-61225 / USDA#: 58-B-0503

[email protected]

We are FWC & USDA licensed hedgehog breeders, located in north Florida between Jacksonville and Gainesville.  For buyers outside of our local area, we offer shipping to legal U.S. states.
Our hedgehog babies are healthy, happy, well socialized and come with a health guarantee, care instructions and a sample of food to get you started.  We offer pre & post support to our buyers.  To see available baby hedgehogs or to contact us, please visit our website.

Hurricane Hedgehogs

Selena Buck

Winter Haven, Florida Phone: 863-662-0926 FL Lic #: ESC 8780 ID Number: 403073792 Denotes USDA Licensed Breeders USDA Lic# 58-A-0262

[email protected]

I am a USDA licensed breeder of African Hedgehogs, located in central Florida. I breed for health and for good temperaments. All my hedgehogs are registered with the International Hedgehog Registry. Babies will also be registered and come with pedigrees. I start socializing my babies at an early age as long as mom doesn’t get stressed. Shipping is available to legal states with a verifiable address.

Katie Brown

Jacksonville, FL

[email protected]

I’m a small scale breeder focusing on fancy colors and friendly personalities. I’d be happy to ship or meet you half-way if it’s within a 2hr drive. Hoglets come with a 6 month health guarantee.

Shipping is available

Bobbies Pets

Bobbie Watson

Brandon, Florida 813-425-3743

[email protected]

We are a hobby breeder located in Brandon, Fl. We focus on raising happy, healthy, and friendly hoglets. We handle and socialize our hoglets at any early age to ensure quality pets to add to your household! Please feel free to contact us!



Marsing, Idaho (208) 896-5755 Denotes USDA Licensed BreedersUSDA# 82-A-0052

[email protected]

We are a family and we handle our hedgies at an early age so they will be happy healthy hedgehogs. Our colors vary from albino, gray, cinnocots, and pintos. we are getting more colors as we go. We are a licensed to breed hedgehogs and it is run by me, I’m 13 and I’ve been breeding hedgies for about 1 1/2 years.

Normally we do not ship, but with some cases we will make a exception. If we do ship we will add the extra money onto the price of the hedgehog that means the carrier, health certificate, and shipping fee. If you need to contact us you can e-mail me.



Anastasia Ortolano

Aurora, IL 630 236 3499

[email protected]

Due to having a smaller herd, we are able to give our babies hours of individual attention daily, to ensure a healthy, loving new addition to your family. Typically we have babies available year round.

Hedgehogs by Vickie

Vickie and Gary Jester

PO Box 971 West Chicago, IL 60186 630-231-3956


Jennifer’s Hedgie Haven

Jennifer Jack

Logansport, In 574-601-5950

[email protected]

We are a small hobby breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs located in Northwest Indiana. We have raised and cared for hedgehogs since 2000.

Our hedgehogs are bred first for health and temperament. Producing babies in a small variety of patterns and colors. All come with Pedigree and Care Package.


Hawkeye Hedgies

Contact:  Susan Crocker

E-mail:  [email protected] or [email protected]


USDA License:  42-A-1372

Small scale, USDA-licensed hedgehog breeder located in central Iowa.  My goal is to breed friendly, healthy hedgies in a variety of colors.  If you think a hedgie is the right pet for you, please visit my website to see what I have available.


Lots Of Love Exotic Small Animal Kennel

Dani Marshall

Lenexa, KS (816)377-4443

[email protected]

At L.O.L. Exotic Small Animal Kennel our animals are just another member of our family. We have just started breeding and expect to have babies for new homes between Sept and Thanksgiving of 2007. As we have both Pinto and Double White Carriers/Marked Hedgehogs we hope to have these colors as well as a rainbow of more common others but will need to wait and see what our babies give us.


Western, KY

[email protected]

We are a very small scale breeder of the African Pygmy Hedgehog, located in Western, KY. We breed for health, temperament, longevity, and colors.



Jill’s New England Hedgehogs

Jill Warnick

Brookline, MA 617-277-6694

[email protected]

Denotes USDA Licensed BreedersUSDA # 14-B-0038

No shipping.

I’m a small hobby breeder since 1995. I breed all colors. Hedgehog babies are well socialized when ready to go.

Also I have produced a video on the care and maintenance of the African Pygmy Hedgehog called “Hedgehogs Unleashed” you can view a clip on my web site.


Julie Pierce

North Attleboro, MA

[email protected] WWW.PIERCESPOGS.COM

We are a small scale breeder located in North Attleboro, Mass. At Pierce’s Pogs, it is our aim to breed and sell hedgehog babies with superb health and temperament. When you purchase one of our babies you become one of our extended family. As such we are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week offering support, information and education for the lifetime of your hedgehog.

Pierce’s Pogs also offers various products and cage set ups for your new baby. We try to have everything you will need for your new baby right here for you – one stop shopping so you can spend more time with baby.

We also offer short term boarding for any of our customers.

Patriot Pogs

Elana & Jason Rabinow

Lunenburg, Massachusetts 978-582-4087

[email protected]

We are a small hobby breeder focused on raising animals with sound temperaments who are well socialized. Our colors range from chocolate to albino, as well as pintos and silvers. We deliver to LI, MA, CT and NJ.


Lara’s Little Hedgies

Lara Bartel

Britton, MI (517) 423-6762

[email protected]

I am a breeder located in southeast MI. I do my best to breed good-tempered, healthy hedgehogs. My hedgehogs are my pets first and foremost. No Shipping.

Eternal Hedgehogs

Ashley Ganey

(586) 275-2683

USDA License # 34-A-0194

We take pride in our hedgies as a family and we are thankful that the Lord has blessed us with a hobby we can all enjoy together. We begin handling our babies as soon as possible in order to ensure proper socialization. All babies come with a 1 year genetic health warranty, as well as a lifetime warranty for WHS. Rescues occasionally available.


Hedgie Delight

Contact Person: Sue

Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077 651-246-3372 [email protected]

Denotes USDA Licensed Breeders USDA LICENSE: 41-A-0442

Hedgie Delight is a small scale USDA Licensed breeder dedicated to breeding pets, not colors or quantity. We ensure healthy and sweet temperament babies b/c they are hand held from a very early age to ensure a bond to humans. Most of our babies have been either: Salt and Pepper, Grey, Dark Grey, Cinnicot, Cinnamon, Chocolate Chip, Apricot, or Albino.

I have THREE mothers, each being bred up to 3 times a year, which provides adequate time between litters for recuperation and rest. This provides available babies throughout the year. Check out our website for pricing, availability, and to meet our hedgehog herd. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂


Enchanting Companions

Kristi Ingles

Stockton, MO [email protected] Phone Number (417) 398-0058

I am a USDA licensed breeder in Shreveport, Louisiana. I usually have babies available in a wide variety 1of colors including cotties, whites, and pintos.

I can ship and each baby comes with a family history, a basic care packet and a week’s supply of food.

They will also be registered with the IHR.

Zach’s Hedgehogs

Zach Carron

Perryville, Missouri

[email protected]

We are a small, family owned, hobby breeder located 70 miles south of St. Louis. We have about 3 litters each year so make sure you check out our website to see our available hedgehogs.


Critter Crazy Hedgehogs

Lindsey Sweeney

Lolo, Montana USDA LICENSE: 81-A-0051 Leave message @ 406-239-2002 Email Crittercrazyhed[email protected] Or visit Critter Crazy Hedgehogs is licensed by the USDA and based out of Lolo Montana. Our Hedgehogs are well socialized to insure good temperament. We breed for a wide range of color and have babies available year round! All babies will be registered with The International Hedgehog Registry and a life time warranty against WHS. Please call or email for more information and availability. Calls and emails will be responded to within 24 hours!

Kindercritters Exotics

Cory Freeman

Roundup. Mt

406-323-3291 Denotes USDA Licensed Breeders USDA LICENSE: 81-C-0046

[email protected]

We are Montana’s longest licensed breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs and strive to provide every one of our customers with the opportunity to find the very best, well-socialized , healthy pet that is a custom fit for you and your lifestyle. Health guarantees and 24/7 after sale support come “standard” with every baby we place! From education through purchase, to a lifetime of fun and love – we want to give you a well-rounded and fulfilling experience that will leave you feeling informed and confident about the care and keeping of your new friend. To see more of our family go to


Prickly Pair Hedgehogs

Nicole Belval

Swanzey, NH Denotes USDA Licensed Breeders USDA LICENSE: 12-A0-0010

[email protected]

USDA Licensed Breeder located in Swanzey, NH. We serve NH, MA, NY, NJ and to anyone else that is willing to make the drive! We strive to produce friendly, healthy babies and usually produce an array of colors.


Jessica Patterspm

Hampton, NJ

[email protected]

I currently have one breeding pair. Female is Chocolate, Male is Cinnacot. First litter due middle/late August.

Prickles N’Quills

Emily Elliott

Midland, NC [email protected]

I’m a small scale breeder that breeds for health and personality first, but I also have a wide variety of popular colors and patterns available. All hedgehogs come with a pedigree, 2 year genetic guarantee and more! Please check my site out for more information!


Hog Heaven Hedgehogs


Email: [email protected]

We are a USDA licened Hedgehog breeder of all of Western New York.

We are a family owned business located in Niagara Falls, New York.

Our breeding stock is quite extensive, so we pretty much have baby hedgehogs  available all the time. Our goal is to breed quality, healthy hedgehogs with excellent temperaments. All of our hedgehogs are handled everyday.

We give 24 hour support to anyone who calls. We are also a member of Hedgehog Central.

You may visit our website at: let us know what you think, and please don’t forget to sign our guest book.

Thank you.


Ohio Millermeade Farms

Gail Dick

Denotes USDA Licensed BreedersUSDA# 31-A-0078


Phone: 419-485-3690

Email: [email protected]

We have been passionate about producing quality pet hedgehogs since 1997. We offer our customers a unique opportunity to handle several babies and choose the hedgehog baby that suits each new owner best based on personality. We spend about an hour teaching our customers about the uniqueness of hedgehogs and how to best handle hedgehogs in ways that make them feel most comfortable. We offer for sale a variety of supplies to help care for hedgehogs and make them comfortable and happy. We welcome visitors to our farm and to visit us on the road at the Midwest Reptile show where we have time and space set aside to provide the same level of service as we do at our Learning Center and Shop.



Deneen Foelker

4792 Herman Street Eugene OR USA 97404 Denotes USDA Licensed BreedersUSDA License # 92-A-0365 [email protected]

HedgiePets, located in Eugene, OR, is a small family business. We raise healthy and good tempermented hedgehogs for pets. We do not ship hedgies at this time.

Click for more

West Coast Hedgehogs

Kimberly Goertzen

Corvallis, OR (Oregon)

Health and longevity are our absolute first priority at West Coast Hedgehogs, and we provide a lifetime guarantee against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome. We breed carefully to minimize the chances of WHS and cancer in our hedgehogs. Friendly temperaments and appearance are also important to us; our babies are always well-socialized and we offer a variety of colors and patterns. Our hedgehogs are all registered with the International Hedgehog Registry.

Along with raising excellent pets, we take in local rehomes and rescues, offer hedgehog boarding services, and are active in the local and global hedgehog communities helping educate and offer support for other owners.

Please feel free to browse our site for information on us and hedgehogs in general.


Donna Mims

Estill Springs, TN Denotes USDA Licensed Breeders USDA # 63-A-0161 [email protected]

We are a small scale breeding facility of hedgehogs and other exotics. Your wait for a baby from us would be 8 wks at most times. A 50.00 (nonrefundable) deposit is required to be placed on our waiting list. Deposit does go towards price of hedgie. Hedgies are sold as pets only. I will not sell pairs. We also offer a really nice cage setup for your new baby for $125.00 for more info on our babies and prices please check out website. Shipping is available.

Penny’s Prickly Pigs

Rachel Penny

Durham, NC/Knoxville, TN

*Some litters available in Nashville, TN & Boston, MA


Email: [email protected]

Penny’s Prickly Pigs is a small-scale hedgehog breeding program based in Chapel Hill, NC (Raleigh-Durham area) and currently operating out of Knoxville, TN. Also, we occasionally will have litters available in Boston, MA and Nashville, TN. We maintain a small family to make sure each hedgie gets the personal attention and love he or she deserves. For this reason we do not breed for quantity, but rather quality in health and personality.

We expect mostly Algerian colors. All Prickly Pig hedgehogs are registered with the International Hedgehog Registry. We are also proud members of Hedgehog Breeders Alliance and Hedgehog Welfare Society.

We do not ship. Pick up is available both in Durham, NC or Knoxville, TN.


Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s Hedgehogs


2515 EAST ROSEMEADE PKWY #115 CARROLLTON, TX 75007 (Next to Little Ceasars Pizza)


[email protected]

P 469.287.8930

Hours: Tuesday -Sunday 1pm to 10pm

SKYPE: monkeydragon28 Facebook:

We are members of the HBA, IHA, & HWS We were featured in May’s HWS newsletter under the Rescue Spotlight article for our rescue efforts in the DFW area. We breed as well as take in and rehome rescues and we operate a retail hedgehog supply store & website in Carrollton, Texas.


Heavenly Hedgehogs

[email protected]

[email protected]

All of our hedgehogs are registered with the International Hedgehog Association. They are handled each day (starting at two weeks) to ensure friendly and healthy hedgehogs. Out herd consist of a variety of colors. Please visit our website for more information.


Briar Patch Hedgehogs

Rebekah Scarola

(509) 773-4341 or 250-3014

Goldendale, WA. 98620

E-mail: [email protected]


I’m located in Southeast WA near the Columbia River Gorge. I am a proud member of the International Hedgehog Association, Hedgehog Welfare Society, and the Hedgehog Breeders Alliance. I have a small herd and each member is handled daily and registered with the International Hedgehog Registry (IHR). My babies come registered in the IHR and also with a decorative pedigree, a sampling of kibble and instructions on how to switch foods, a toy, a health guarantee and a lifetime warranty against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome as well as 24/7 support. Every baby is handled several times a day and are used to everyday noises since they live in the house with me. Please visit my website for more info on my policies/prices and to see pictures of the babies currently available.

Lilac City Hedgehogs

Sarah Doering

Spokane, WA

Denotes USDA Licensed Breeders USDA#91-A-0112

Lilac City Hedgehogs is a small (USDA license not required) breeder in Spokane, WA. We are member of the Hedgehog Breeders Alliance and all babies are registered with the International Hedgehog Registry.

We focus on producing happy, healthy, friendly hedgehog babies.