Hedgehogs as Pets

Hedgehogs as Pets Most hedgehog owners will say that they bought their hedgies simply because they were adorable and also far too intriguing to resist. Despite the fact that they are increasingly more obtainable in pet shops, they are nonetheless still an uncommon pet. Also, they are highly unusual, having a fur covered face and … Read more

Colour variations in African Pygmy Hedgehogs

African Pygmy Hedgehog

Photo by Adam Foster Colour Variations As a result of selective breeding, there has been a great increase in the variety of quill colors that are now available. The starting stock for domestic hedgehogs consisted of two predominant patterns. The hedgehogs typically referred to as Pruner’s hedgehogs had white and black quills, a dark face mask … Read more

African Pygmy Hedgehogs – Emergencies

Emergencies and your hedgehog Be prepared Photo by Michelleness via Flickr A variety of issues may well arise with your hedgehog. The very first step you should take is to prepare in advance. It is not only vital to have a trusted regular vet, but in addition you need one that is accessible for out … Read more

What is Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS)

WHS an introduction Photo by Yoppy via Flickr Wobbly hedgehog syndrome is a neurodegenerative disease which affects the brain and spinal cord of African pygmy and European hedgehogs.It has been reported that the disease may affect up to 10% of African Pygmy Hedgehogs in the USA. Research has shown that patterns occurr in defined family lines, thereby … Read more

Handling Your Pet Hedgehog

One of the distinguishing characteristics of a hedgehog is his quills. It is actually interesting to watch a hedgehog roll into a tight ball, and to see his quills stick up in every direction, all for the sake of protection.

The Ringworm Saga Continues

A never ending story The photograph above is Leo, Ian and Julie’s African Pygmy Hedgehog, from the time he was undergoing treatment for his ringworm infection. This blog has been inactive for the past couple of months because I have been away teaching kids my version of English at a summer camp in the Alps. … Read more