Is a Pet Hedgehog Right for You?

How do you know if a pet hedgehog is right for you?

Hedgehogs are one of the most popular exotic pets today, and it’s easy to see why. They’re undeniably cute, they’re small (so they don’t take up much space), and they’re easy to take care of.

The appeal of the hedgehog is undeniable. You want one, of course you do! How could you not? However, hedgehogs aren’t just any small animal. They require a specialized environment and care that’s by no means just like taking care of a Guinea pig or gerbil. They also have unique personalities of their own, and require human companions with similar characteristics in order to be happy.

So, is a pet hedgehog right for you? Here are the top 3 ways to find out!

1. Do you need lots of cuddling and affection?

Your hedgehog doesn’t! If you’re expecting a pet like a dog or cat that will follow you all around and beg for your attention, then you’re in for a surprise! Hedgehogs, while friendly and usually docile, have a reputation for being a bit stand-offish. They’ll tolerate your petting and cuddling to a certain extent, but they won’t ask for it, and they’ll definitely let you know when they’ve had enough!

That being said, some hedgehogs are more agreeable to human interaction than others, and these are the hedgehogs you want to hang with. When shopping for your new spikey companion, select a hedgehog that is laid back and accepts being picked up and handled without getting too stressed out. Hedgehogs that curl up into a defensive ball at the first touch are better off left at the pet store!

2. Do you have an adequate living space for the number of hedgehog you plan to keep?

These tiny creatures are pretty territorial, which means keeping more than one in a cage could spell disaster! You’ll need one cage for each hedgehog, and that cage needs to have at least two to three square feet of floor space.

3. Can you clean your pet’s litter and cage every day?

Hedgehogs like a clean environment (don’t you?), and rely on routine. They get VERY grumpy if their home is filthy. Be prepared to make a commitment to keeping your pet’s environment as clean and regulated as you would your own, and the two of you will get along just fine.

Pet hedgehogs can make a wonderful, fascinating, and playful addition to any household. If, after reading these tips, you decide a hedgehog is for you, you’re in for many great years of camaraderie and entertainment from your pet. If you’ve decided to take the hedgehog journey, congratulations! You’re in for a marvelous time!